Happy Birthday, John Muir- born April 21, 1838

John Muir was a great inspiration to me. I mention his cabin in Chapter 19 of Altitude Adjustment:

“Unlike modern buildings, designed to shut out as much of nature as possible, log cabins, built of whole boles of trees, smudge the boundary between outer and inner. While strong and protective, wood invites the outside in. Like owls in a tree snag, the cabin’s inhabitants are also part of the forest ecosystem. Perhaps no cabin builder better illustrated this principle than John Muir, who diverted Yosemite Creek to run beneath the floor of the cedar and pine cabin he built. Plants grew through the floorboards; frogs chirped beneath him while he slept.”

Watson home-Bvr CkNo, this isn’t John Muir’s cabin, but an employee log home in Grand Teton National Park.